The last time I posted anything on this space was over a month ago. That is the longest I have gone without an update since I started this blog. And it feels fabulous.

I took a much needed hiatus.

Like… much needed.

And I have zero regrets. In fact, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.

There is so much to catch up on, and about a zillion blog posts currently being drafted to address all of this. But let’s first address the elephant{s} in the room.

The most obvious being my new website layout! Is it too soon to say I am obsessed? Nah.

As this post refers to in the title, it was about time I hit the refresh button {in so many aspects of my life}. One of them being this blog. I felt quite lack luster as of recently and I wanted to feel inspired to log into my website and start creating content again. I new vision was just what the doctor ordered.

The other less present, but just as important, elephant in the room is my most recent adventures in Belize and Guatemala. If you have been following my {also inactive, sozzz} Instagram account, you may have spotted a recent post of me casually swinging in a hammock, lush jungle surrounding me.

My second international trip of the year consisted of a solo journey to Central America. And guys, this trip was everything. I feel completely recharged, inspired, and whole again after returning from this part of the world. Don’t fret, you will read plenty of sappy, over-emotional, {most-likely} repetitive words expressing my love for Belize and Guatemala in the coming weeks. With thousands of pictures to distract you from the cheese, as per usual.

I literally landed about 2.5 hours ago. First business to address upon arrival from the airport is always a shower for me. Shortly after this, I lathered my {unhappy} skin from head to toe in vaseline in order to attempt and clear it up after the damage it underwent this last week {what an image right?} Then it was laundry, ordering Indian food for lunch, and alerting family and friends that I am, in fact, okay after being stranded in Atlanta, Georgia on the brink of Hurricane Irma.

It is also September 11th as I write this short briefing. There is something to be said for boarding a plane to New York City on the morning of September 11th, even sixteen years later. It was a very quiet flight and I will never be able to explain the overwhelming feeling I received as we circled Manhattan towards Laguardia Airport.

I am happy to be back in New York. New York is {one of my} home{s}. And it feels that way as I drink my peppermint tea behind my laptop.

I am happy in general.

Happy feels good. It’s a feeling I need to get comfortable with again. I am looking forward to the whole enchilada {an expression suggested to me when looking for ‘everything’ synonyms}.

But I guess, yes, I’m looking forward to everything.

And that’s a pretty swell spot to be in.


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