Yet again, I was blessed with the presence of another visitor this past weekend. This time, my best friend of over twenty years arrived at JFK, ready for an east coast adventure. There were a few highlights to this weekend that deserve sharing. Even though the most entertaining moments included lying in bed utilizing snapchat filters and crying from laughter. It’s the simple things, folks. I was sad to see her leave, especially with the somewhat {okay, extremely} chaotic week I have had.  There is no better feeling than coming home to your best friend to vent, laugh, and drink too much wine.

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Visiting Auschwitz concentration camps in Oświęcim, Poland last year was by far, the most educational experience I’ve ever encountered in my life. I do not believe I will ever manage to put into words just how much of an impact it made on me. Recalling my visit now disheartens me, and it is honestly difficult to write about. But I feel it is important for us to reflect on history, in the hopes that it will never repeat itself.

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Last night, as I hurriedly swiped my metro card through the 135th street metro station in Harlem, the ‘warning’ that my card expires on March 18, 2017 arose. Oushhhh. March 18th. A day that has held such an important meaning to me for the last three years. Each year it finds a way of exposing itself to me, just to make certain I notice it.

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Let’s get right into it, shall we? I had a terrible time in Prague. I suffered a breakup, which drove me to lie in bed watching Netflix, instead of exploring the Czech capital. I regret my inability to get off my ass, but tough times call for New Girl re-runs. As it turns out, I almost didn’t incorporate Prague into my blog at all. I figured I had nothing to offer my readers, I took very few photos, and I held a bitter taste in my mouth reminiscing on my time spent there. And yet, here we are. And here is an unhelpful travel guide to Prague.

You’re welcome.

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I use blogging as an outlet. The majority of the time. Of course, I would love for this blog to eventually become a plethora of useful information and advice regarding the different locations I have traveled to around the world. And I am slowly in the process of shifting gears and focusing on this more frequently.

With that being said, I want to always leave room for the personal stuff. The stuff that half of my readers will mindlessly scroll past to get to the guides, travel tips, and other useful things. But the things that I will be able to reflect on years down the road. While I am still ‘en route’ and still very much so dedicated to writing.

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I am currently writing this blog post from the comfort of my Brooklyn apartment, wearing an oatmeal mask on my face, with a candle lit, and a hot cup of tea by my side {obviously}. This is the first time in weeks, maybe months even, that I’ve dedicated a night to pampering myself and blogging.

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