When I first began planning my trip to Italy, I had only a few concrete ideas in my head. I knew I wanted to visit Rome {because, it’s Rome}. I also knew I wanted to spend some time floating on the town of Venice. After that it became a question of which coastal village I wanted to soak up the most rays. And finally, I was certain I wanted to go wine tasting in the Tuscany region.

However, as I continued to research, I consistently saw the Italian capital city of Florence on everyone’s radar.

I had never had a real longing to visit Florence, but I thought I would give it a chance as it seemed most of the blogosphere was let in on a secret that I was unaware of.

Unfortunately, I still feel as though I am in the dark.

Let me just start by saying, Florence is beautiful. As is almost any city in Italy. Italy, in general, can do no wrong in my opinion. And it’s not that I had a negative experience during my stay in Florence.

But something was lacking for me. Sure, the streets were crooked and cobblestoned. Of course the views were magnificent from Piazzale Michelangelo. And yes, the pasta blew my mind.

But this was the case in most cities I visited in Italy. When compared to Venice, Riomaggiore, and even Siena, I just didn’t understand what made this city special.

I will say, Florence is known for its art influence and the multiple museums residing within the walls of the city. And we all know that staring at artwork and moseying through museums simply doesn’t wet my whistle. So, there’s that.

Regardless, I wanted to love Florence.

I wanted to share the connection, the spark, to the city on the river with my fellow travel bloggers. I just… didn’t.

Maybe by this time in my travels, I had become jaded by the magic of Europe. *GASP* No travel blogger will admit this. Hell, I hate admitting it. After all, how could one ever become bored, restless, or tired of Europe?

Maybe this is a lesson to myself. I mean, we all try to practice gratitude and live in each and every moment. But sometimes {and only sometimes}, we let the moments slip away without fully appreciating them. Maybe Florence was one of these moments.

Reflecting back, I might not have given Florence a proper chance. Because what I would give {my first unborn child} to be back in Florence right at this very moment. To be open and willing to give in to the profoundness of the city everyone raves about.

So while it’s true that I don’t see what all the fuss is about Florence, ┬ámaybe it’s my job to return and find out.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts about Florence? Does it carry with it that special something for you?


  1. It’s really not your “job” to return. Literally and figuratively. Since you’re not paid to blog and since you don’t have to go anywhere you do want to go. Just food for thought.

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