There are certain destinations in Europe that everyone wants to visit. Paris, Rome, Barcelona. You probably know, because you probably want to visit them as well. As wonderful as many of these destinations are, there is no doubt they will be swimming with tourists, even during the off-peak seasons. There are a few locations in Europe that weren’t necessarily on the top of my travel list, but after visiting them I can recommend to everyone. In some of these locations, I had such a magnificent time that I would return to them before seeing Paris, Rome, or Barcelona for a second time.

Here are the five most underrated cities in Europe.

Split, Croatia

Croatia in general was targeted as an up and coming travel destination in 2016. Previously part of Yugoslavia, this country running along the Dalmatian coast has truly made a name for itself. Many first became aware of Croatia due to the extremely popular television series, Game of Thrones. GOT filmed it’s entire first season in the small port town of Dubrovnik in Croatia. This has been drawing fans like cray cray.

Though I absolutely agree that Dubrovnik is a must, I highly recommend scheduling time to head north and explore Split. Also a port town, Split is full of tucked away restaurants, charming side streets, and beautiful views {if you know where to go!}. Listen to live music in the city center, devour gelato {some of the best in Europe, watch out Italy}, climb the bell tower, and sunbath at the local beach.

I fell for Split so hard, I visited twice last year! Read all about my time spent in Split here.

Poznan, Poland

Poland was not high on my list of possible travel locations when I first began planning my trip through Europe. However, once I discovered how affordable the country was, I immediately booked a train to Poznan. Most people normally choose to explore Warsaw or Krakow when visiting Poland, however I am here to reveal to you the hidden gem that is Poznan.

Close to the German border, I was easily able to make my way from Berlin’s city center to the heart of Poznan in less than three hours.  Poznan offers an Instagram worthy old town square, incredible shopping, and a Pączki baking class {Poland’s famously known croissant}. You are within a few hours from Warsaw and surrounding areas, but you should be content with exploring the cobblestoned, pedestrian-only streets of Poznan. Multiple parks offer serenity within the area, but you will also find the amenities of any city located just outside old town.

Bath, England

Many people overlook the surrounding areas when visiting London, England. And fair enough! London has enough on offer for any number of days, weeks, or months. But if you do happen to wander beyond the city limits, opt for Bath! You can normally participate on an organized trip to Bath, which includes stops at Stonehenge and Windsor Castle, for a reasonable amount of money.

But this underrated town deserves far more than a few hours. I arrived into Bath via train from London which was comfortable and relatively quick. I spent a total of two days in Bath and didn’t want to leave at the end of the weekend. If you are looking to travel back in time and visit a real charming English town, Bath is the choice for you.

Things to do include exploring the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent, strolling along the canals, shopping on Southgate Street, and admiring the garments in the Fashion Museum. For an entire itinerary, feel free to ready about my 48 hours in Bath: Day 1 and Day 2.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Since you will end up spending your entire life savings visiting Switzerland, you might as well do so in Lauterbrunnen. Of course this all depends on what you are looking for and what time of the year you are traveling. However, Lauterbrunnen has a lot to offer during any season. If you are looking for that picturesque view of the Swiss countryside, THIS IS IT.

The lush rolling hills, the snowcapped mountains in the background, waterfalls crashing down every way you look {72 to be exact}, and brown cows grazing the grass with huge cowbells wrapped around their necks. It’s quite literally, picture perfect. A photographers dream. The valley is one of the largest nature conservation areas in the country. Lauterbrunnen offers the opportunity to ski in winter, and obtaining a ski pass allows access to the other ski resorts in the Jungfrau Region. You can get around via train or chairlift {these are not your typical chairlifts guys… think massive}.

The main street in Lauterbrunnen contains coffee shops, a few bars, and lots of outdoor seating. They even cater to Gluten Free and Vegan individuals at the cutest internet café, Airtime. As stunning as other areas of Switzerland may be, Lauterbrunnen deserves so much credit for the experience and views it will offer you.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Okay, so technically, Cinque Terre is a region. But each of the five towns within it are so small and easily accessible to one another that the entirety of Cinque Terre is included in this case. Comparable to the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre has become more and more popular over the last few years. And for obvious reasons!

This region is one of the most photogenic areas I have been to in Europe. And has yet to become too over-crowded {even during peak season}. I spent almost a week in Cinque Terre and would consider it my favorite location in Italy, hands down. I felt like a true local. I didn’t have to fight crowds. The food was out of this world. You can hike your way from one town to the next, all while absorbing the most breathtaking views. And each night was spent on the water, watching the sun go down, with an entire village as my backdrop.

Cinque Terre is the #1 underrated location in Europe. I almost want to keep it a secret for as long as possible so I can return one day under the same circumstances. But alas, soon it will become just as popular as any other coastal town in Italy and the magic will fade {only slightly, of course}.

What cities do you consider to be underrated in Europe?


  1. I was thinking about going to Split this summer (well, Croatia in general), but timing and flights just didn’t work out right. Cinque Terre looks super picturesque. How do you feel about the pebble beaches though?


    1. Hey Karlie,
      I’m sorry Croatia didn’t work out for you! Hopefully it will still be reasonable priced and not too crowded when you do end up making a visit. Cinque Terre was a favorite of mine in Europe. It’s true the pebble beaches weren’t my favorite, but in Monterosso they were very fine {and soft!} which made it totally manageable. Plus you can lay on the lounge chairs for a very reasonable price! It shouldn’t keep you from going though!!

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