It’s somethings we used to ask our parents as we rode bicycles down the unevenly paved streets, darkness quickly approaching. It’s something we desperately wish for when we hear the unwelcoming alarm each morning before work. It can be used as a motivating factor when ending a tough work out. And it’s a lie we tell our significant others when they ask if we are ready for our scheduled dinner date, that we made reservations for three weeks ago, and cannot be late for, I repeat, cannot be late for.  Continue Reading


I’ve recently found myself in the triangle below canal street, also know as TriBeCa, over the last few weekends. There are certain neighborhoods that I am drawn to in any city. In London, you could find me in Notting Hill on any given day. In San Francisco, I would sip champagne in the Marina District on a Sunday afternoon. And in New York, it’s been a toss up between TriBeCa and Chelsea. Both neighborhoods contain so much hidden charm within the concrete walls of the city. Both also cost an arm and a leg. It’s obvious that I am not alone in my love for these areas of the city, as you will find locals swarming the best eateries and cafes each weekend. Continue Reading


The last couple of weeks have included a plethora of ups and downs. A real roller coaster ride, if you will. Which I most often won’t. Like everyone else on the planet, I do not enjoy when my world gets completely turned around. Coming out of my birthday weekend, I felt unusually low. Many factors played into this feeling I possessed, however being a big girl now {26}, I felt the only way to get past the feeling was to simply live through it.

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