A few months ago, I embarked on my favorite solo adventure thus far! I traveled to Central America for a total of 10 days, spending quality time in both Belize and Guatemala. I have never felt as empowered as I did upon my return from this stunning area of the world. Cue the ‘Belize’ puns: Un{Belize}able, You better {Belize} it, {Belize} it or not, etc. 

I have always been an advocate for solo travel. I find it very advantageous and a great opportunity to get to know yourself. My trip to Central America was no exception.

I arrived in Belize City with little expectations as to how my journey would play out. I had a few boxes to tick over the course of my visit, but overall, I simply looked forward to sunshine and getting away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. I could have never imagined the unforgettable experiences, landmarks, and stories that I happened upon during those 10 days. I have been slowly dying {slash} impatiently waiting for a moment in time that I would be able to share them with the world.

Finally, I have a decent amount of free time {read: unemployment}, in which I can dedicate myself to recalling each and every moment.

I touched down in Belize City to begin my journey, and was immediately welcomed by my {somewhat} private driver, who would take me to my first destination: San Ignacio. Here, I spent multiple nights at a jungle lodge, sleeping in a mosquito netted bunk bed. A jungle lodge is exactly what you’d imagine it to be: accommodation located within the jungle, equipped with hundreds of tarantulas, iguanas the size of my miniature dachshund, and the occasional howler monkey. But more on that at another time!

There was plenty to do within San Ignacio including temple climbing, jungle hiking, and iguana cuddling {if you don’t mind having 20+ iguanas crawling all over your body at once}.

It was also from San Ignacio, that I took a day trip across the border to Guatemala. I {aka my non-english-speaking driver} drove to northern Guatemala {honestly, we could have been going anywhere}, where I explored ancient Mayan ruins in the rainforest of Tikal National Park. I was also proposed to that afternoon… kind of. Again, a story for another blog post.

After tangling myself up in the remote jungle, and politely declining the opportunity to build a life in Belize forever {regrets?}, I made my way out to the cayes. I called Caye Caulker home for nearly five days, and home it became.



I fell head over heels for my little island. I devoured $10 USD {whole} lobster every night, swam in open water with sharks, was invited to spend an afternoon at a private beach front villa {spiked chocolate slushies included}, snorkeled the second largest barrier reef in the world, and didn’t miss a sunset.

And while it was not all glamorous {traveling by chicken bus, unbearable humidity, flight delays on the brink of Hurricane Irma}, my trip to Central America was perfect.

I have often attempted to explain my love for Belize, and by this point I think I’ve nailed it. Sometimes there are moments so magical, you forget that there was ever a life before them.

Belize was that moment for me.


I am beyond thrilled to break down each and every moment of my time in Belize and Guatemala. You can expect tips, guides, and a bundle of stories in the upcoming weeks. Please let me know of any specific requests for blog posts! I would love to share as much of these impressive countries with you as possible.


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