When I think of Switzerland, I think of lush green landscape, rugged mountaintops, charming cottages, and a whole lot of cow bell. Arriving in Lauterbrunnen felt as though I was walking into an actual Swiss fantasy.

This small village located in central Switzerland captured my heart. I did not have very high expectations as I stepped off the vintage train car, but it only took a few moments for me to realize I had discovered magic. I was staying in nearby Interlaken, but the scenic ride to Lauterbrunnen took only 20 minutes {which honestly felt more like two, those views though…}.

Lauterbrunnen, in English, means “many springs”, as there are 72 waterfalls within Lauterbrunnen and the surrounding area. One of the most famous {and one of the largest in Europe}, is Staubbach Falls {pictured above}. It should come as no surprise that I went a bit camera crazy after laying my eyes on this beauty.

You can literally walk the length of the village within ten minutes, but I was determined to venture onto the hillsides surrounding the valley. I had a real Maria Von Trapp moment as I frolicked alongside large brown cattle, seemingly alone. I felt the warm September breeze whistle through the strands of my hair as I stared off into the never-ending mountain ranges of the Jangfrau region.  It was as though I was staring at a postcard, but better.

After wandering for the first half of the afternoon, it was time to energize for the rest of the day. Even after living and traveling in Europe for most of the year, I was still constantly amazed at the amount European cafes cater to gluten-free fools and vegans. And Lauterbrunnen was no exception. After a quick glass of savvy b {and a healthy pour at that} at a nearby pub, I made my way to Airtime Cafe. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of options available to me, and can highly recommend!

Although plans were made to visit surrounding villages in the area, I knew I wanted to return to Lauterbrunnen during my Switzerland trip. And so, I did.

This time, I took a bus just outside the lovely village to visit the Trummelbach Waterfalls. My pictures do not do these falls justice, as they are settled into the middle of a mountain where the atmosphere is dark and damp. But take my word for it, they are worth the 11 CHF {Swiss Franc} which is {currently} 11 USD.

Some tips when visiting the waterfalls {10 to be precise}:

  1. Make sure to bring a coat as it gets chilly in the mountainous caves
  2. As I mentioned before, it gets damp so proper footwear is key
  3. The falls are open daily between April and November
  4. Free parking is available, but it is extremely easy to get on a bus to and from Lauterbrunnen
  5. You can stay as long as you would like, and should opt for walking at the exit {rather than taking the bad ass lift that you ride at the entrance} *see view below
  6. There is a cafe and bathrooms as you exit the bus and before you enter the falls

Switzerland was a dream to me, and one of the highlights of my journey across Europe. I was a Disneyland version of myself as I train hopped from one charming village to the next. It marked the end of a chapter in my life that forever changed upon leaving. I think, for that reason, I have kept it locked away in my memory, hopeful to keep the fantasy alive.

But alas, life goes on, and blog posts need publishing. So, I give you Switzerland, with more to come in the next couple of weeks! The images alone are enough of a reason to return to this space.

And can I just say, YASS 2018. You are giving me all the life right now. Hope you all had a spectacular and safe New Years celebration this year!


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