Like Florence, I didn’t have a real desire to visit Siena upon arrival in Italy. Unlike Florence, however, I was pleasantly surprised by this little town in Tuscany.

During a tour around Tuscany {which you can read all about here}, we stopped in Siena for a walking tour and a bit of roaming before our wine tasting event.

Driving through the Tuscan landscapes en route to Siena was stunning. I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough to capture the views sufficiently enough. There was just no way. I was overcome with beauty.

When we arrived in Siena, we immediately stepped off the charter bus and followed our guide to the outskirts of the city. I could see the earth toned brick buildings peaking though patches of greenery as we neared the city center. During the course of the tour, I could barely hear what was being said {partially because of the microphone volume, but partially because I was distracted by the scenery surrounding me}.

It didn’t matter.

There was something special about Siena. It captured my heart in a way I had not anticipated.

We spent a majority of our time winding through streets with the least amount of symmetry to them. Siena was a city formed without any blueprints. And that gave it all the charm in the world.

We were educated on the banking industry, heard all about the Palio di Siena {a famous local horse race hosted twice a year}, and toured the Siena Cathedral.

The cathedral was a highlight for me. It has been said, once you see one European church {with exceptions}, you’ve seen them all. And I can partially attest to this. But the Siena Cathedral was incredible.

Towards the end of our visit to Siena, I was perched at Caffe Fonte Gaia with a glass of white wine. As delighted as I was to carry on to our next destination, I was just as disappointed to leave. I felt as though I had barely scratched the surface when it came to what I could learn about Siena.

On days that I feel somewhat impartial to my life, I reflect back on the gift that was Siena. It reminds me that you never know when you may discover something absolutely wonderful. With no warning. And without expectations.

If anything, it makes me want to return to Italy and seek out the many smaller cities that deserve recognition. We are used to Rome, Milan, and Venice.

There was something special about Siena. And it’s left me wanting more.

Have you ever visited Siena? If so, would you return?




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