I am proud of the opportunities I have seized in my life and the outcomes to which they have lead. I encourage all women to take advantage of every opportunity they come across and venture through every open door to find where it leads. Even if it isn’t what you had expected.   Continue Reading


Never underestimate the power of a decent coffee date. There is a reason why popular searches on google include, “Top 10 cafes you must visit in {insert any and every city in the world}”. On every street corner is an opportunity to enter the world of cappuccinos and lattes and discover a new local meeting place. Each cafe brings it’s own charm and uniqueness that makes you want to sit and sip all afternoon. Continue Reading


Let me wear my camels and dark browns one last time. 

final picture

Happy first day of March! As February comes to an end and Spring is quickly approaching, or so I hope, it means bye-bye to all things Winter. I mean, it’s March now. Not that I am anxiously awaiting a warm spell to come over the entirety of England or anything, but at least someone should start thinking about it.  Continue Reading


Well, technically a pub.

Regardless, yesterday was a day full of laughter, new friendships, and number of bloody mary’s. {but not before I blew up my hair dryer… those adapters/converters/evil devices will get ya} Sarah and I met for brunch, which ended up turning to lunch when we found out we had to make reservations at the restaurant we had originally picked out. {whoops, we will be back} We opted for another brunch spot that served bloody mary’s and found ourselves perfectly satisfied. I ordered a full english breakfast {minus the toast #glutenfreeproblems} and it did not disappoint.  Continue Reading


We’ve all dreamed of being Julia Roberts in Notting Hill {we’ve all seen Notting Hill correct?}, and the other day I was able to live out this fantasy. 

I made my way down to Notting Hill from the Notting Hill Gate Underground Station. The walk to the Portobello Road Market is very accessible and easy to follow. Before I even stepped foot in the market, I was already snap happy. I don’t think I put my camera away once.  Continue Reading


We were blessed with another sunny day today here in London. Although Winter seems pretty content with kicking her feet up and staying a while, I can tell Spring is quietly approaching. The streets were packed on my way to the Camden Market. The high street was a spectacle in itself. A combination of mainstream shops, vintage/flea market shops, souvenir only shops, and {weirdly enough} tattoo parlors lined each side of the road. Incredible, gigantic 3D artwork was displayed on almost every other building.  Continue Reading


Currently {and forever} Under Construction:

Fall in love.

Live in a foreign country.

Participate in the paper lantern ceremony in Thailand.

Surf in Hawaii. 

Ride an elephant. {in the most humane way possible}

Zip line in Costa Rica.

Release baby turtles into the ocean.

Swim with dolphins. Swim with dolphins in the wild.

Meet Chris Brown.

Picnic under the Eiffel Tower.

Bike through Amsterdam.

Visit a Lavender field.

Attend Oktoberfest.

Visit the Greek Islands. 

Snorkel in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Safari in Africa.

Take a Gondola ride in Venice.

Hike to Machu Picchu.

See the white-washed buildings of Santorini. 

Drink tequila in Mexico.

Island hop in the Bahamas.  

Get a passport stamp from Cuba.

Stand at the bottom of the Empire State Building.

Take a {million} picture{s} of the Swiss Alps.

Go parasailing in the South of France.

Take a cruise.

Attend Tomorrowland. 

Witness the Northern Lights.

Sleep in an igloo. 

Wine taste in Italy.