When I first began planning my trip to Italy, I had only a few concrete ideas in my head. I knew I wanted to visit Rome {because, it’s Rome}. I also knew I wanted to spend some time floating on the town of Venice. After that it became a question of which coastal village I wanted to soak up the most rays. And finally, I was certain I wanted to go wine tasting in the Tuscany region.

However, as I continued to research, I consistently saw the Italian capital city of Florence on everyone’s radar. Continue Reading


As mentioned in a previous post, the month of July will be filled with preparing for the next year of my life. As dramatic as it sounds, I need to buckle down and focus. With that being said, I am also making a promise to myself over the next six months.  A personal one, not just connected to the blog, but to my own well-being, following suit with the rest of the year thus far. I have yet to fulfill all my commitments placed upon myself earlier in regards to the blog.

And it makes me so sad.

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It’s official!

I have put together my first ever YouTube video. That being said, please be reminded that my videographer skills are a work in progress. Some of the shakiness in this video had me feeling ready to hurl.

But, it’s complete.

And all about my adventures in Montreal, Canada.

Please enjoy!

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to view this video on the blog, please click here.