It is officially my last week here in New York City, and I am collecting all of the feels. December has undoubtedly been my favorite month in the big apple, in terms of the atmosphere of the city {saving the best for last I suppose}. Holiday season kicked in at the beginning of the month and I have embraced every second of it. Let’s recap the notable moments of the last few weeks. Continue Reading


Over a cozy phone call to my mother the other night, she mentioned how much she missed the blog. Which got me thinking about how much I, too, miss the blog. I could include a million disclaimers about my lack of presence on this space {gag me, we have heard it all before}, but instead I would rather just write.

Because, ultimately, that is what I miss most.

So, if you would be so inclined, let’s talk about pumpkin spice and everything Autumn {read: nice} shall we?

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