This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting family in Bath. I arrived Friday evening and spent 48 exploring the village. Unfortunately, while on my visit, my phone completely shut down and died. RIP iPhone 5c.  Luckily, my new phone is ready to be picked up back here in London!

But who needs a phone when you have an entire weekend of exploring? I am going to share my 48 hours in Bath to give a quick summary and {as usual} a photo overload. Here is Day 1! Continue Reading


Back in London for a weekend and sick as a dog. I have been congested, feeling miserable and therefore hidden in my room since Thursday evening. But I cannot let a weekend in London slip away so easily, seeing as I only have a few of them left. So yesterday I slapped some make up on and decided to terrify myself on the London Eye. Way to go Rachel. Continue Reading


It’s June!

Wtf. I honestly cannot believe it. I can remember the day I arrived here in London four months ago. I leave next month people. Almost all of June I have accounted for. A trip to Bath, seeing Coldplay live, attending the Ascot Races, and celebrating Midsummer in Sweden. All of which I am anticipating at the highest level. But I also have knowledge of how quickly these moments will pass to become memories. Of which I am not prepared. Continue Reading


I love Harry Potter.

There aren’t many things that I believe in, in which I am not willing accept other opinions about. With the exception of Harry Potter. I was one of those kids that would spend hours laying awake wondering if maybe, just maybe, all of this magic stuff was true. And maybe,

just maybe,

my letter from Hogwarts would arrive at my door. Or through my window via owl.

Well, my letter never arrived. Continue Reading


Yesterday I had the unbearable task of saying goodbye to two of the most precious things in my life at the moment. As they would say, a double whammy of sorts.

Firstly, and most importantly, I said goodbye to my closest friend here in London. My partner in crime. The avocado to my gluten free toast.

You get it.

London will not be the same without her.

Secondly, I said goodbye to dairy.

I can almost feel the eye rolls through my computer screen. As some of you know, I have been gluten-free for over 3 years now. It has been one of the healthiest choices for me, although not really a choice at all. I have an intolerance for gluten and therefore do not eat products containing it. I also believe I have a sensitivity to lactose. I am no doctor {even if I live vicariously through the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy and feel like I basically am part of the team}. But I figured I would exclude dairy from my diet for two weeks, and see if I feel any better. Or a difference at all.

Making it official on my blog is the only way I will follow through and avoid chocolate. I will follow up in two weeks time with an update that I’m almost positive no one will care about.

Missing Sarah already and beginning the mourning process for all things delicious.