I’ve recently been taking a page out of Ariana Grande’s book. Rocking a half up pony and bringing sass to the table way more often than not. I basically listen to ‘Focus On Me’ on repeat most mornings to start my day. Such a great ‘I don’t give a shit’ anthem. One of those songs that will put me in a great mood no matter the occasion. Continue Reading


…but it does have pictures.

I sat down this morning with every intention of writing a blog post. I had some photos from exploring China Town, it’s a Friday, I have big weekend plans, and my cup of tea is sitting here waiting to be enjoyed. And yet, all I could think about was how fed up I’ve been this week. Continue Reading


The irony of being in Britain, on a day we celebrate gaining American independence from Britain. All the while, wrapped up in the middle of Brexit, and Britain determining their own independence from the European Union. What a time to be alive people.

But today also marks my own independence. My last California girl is leaving me this week, so I am holding it down for America solo from now on.

With all of the craziness involving Britain leaving the EU, and the presidential election back home, I am looking forward to four months of vacation in countries less involved in the madness. It is a monumental time to be alive, whether you agree or disagree with the direction your country, or the world, is moving.

For all of those at home BBQing by the pool, floating down the Russian River, and lighting illegal fireworks in the street: I envy you.

Enjoy all of the freedoms we, as Americans, are granted. Rather than taking them for granted.

Happy 4th of July!