I am proud of the opportunities I have seized in my life and the outcomes to which they have lead. I encourage all women to take advantage of every opportunity they come across and venture through every open door to find where it leads. Even if it isn’t what you had expected.  

On to the blog:


Sunday is market day.

This Sunday also happened to be Mother’s Day {in the UK}. So, casually strolling through the Columbia Road Flower Market was a farfetched idea. And yet, that’s exactly what Sarah and I attempted to do. The day started out sunny, and eventually turned into a gloomy afternoon. But I wholeheartedly believe in finding color in the gloomiest of days.




The market was absolutely packed. There were moments where the crowd would come to a complete stand still while maneuvering through the {single} narrow walkway that hosted the market. Regardless, I made it my mission to bring the crowds to a halt and capture some shots of the blooming flowers.



I may not be a mother, but I have definitely had my moments here where I feel as though I am. And let me tell you, it is hard work. Running a household, keeping track of three kids, remembering you can’t shower once a three year old is awake so you must do it in the wee hours of the morning. I give all the mothers out there major props. I hope someone gave you some flowers. 

Let’s be honest. I hope someone gave you a bottle of wine and a night off from life. Just for one day.






Upon leaving the Columbia Road Flower Market, Sarah and I did some wandering through Shoreditch until we came across, you guessed it, another market. At this point we had walked our way to Brick Lane. I have not grown tired of markets here in London. This one is no exception. 

There was such amazing street art everywhere you looked, food stalls selling out of whatever was on the ‘menu’, and vintage clothing everywhere. The vibe was the roughest I have been to in regards to markets, but there was a cheerfulness about the characters you came across. I never felt unwanted or uncomfortable. At one point the two of us began dancing {no music present} just for the joy of it, and not a cheek was turned. Could be the fact that the Brits are so polite… but anyways. Another successful day at the market{s}. 




^ this place gets it.





We were both feeling famished and there was no lacking of street food to choose from so we opted for some paella. I picked sea food, Sarah went for the vegetarian option. I didn’t realize an entire prawn {face included} would be sticking out of my meal. I just can’t eat something when I can see its face, so I left it for someone who may have a stronger stomach than me.

Lunch was delicious! And only cost 6 pounds!



We ended the afternoon grabbing a couple ciders and having a long chat, as we do. It was yet another perfect weekend exploring. Next on the itinerary is high tea in the city, dinner and a show with an old acquaintance, and  Windsor Castle! Should be another fulfilling weekend. 

On a side note, it snowed! Actual snow flakes were falling onto my face and although they disappeared within seconds, I took in the moment and cherished it. 


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  1. Wow, Rach… see the colors of a place in such a fresh way…street art, flowers, food, houses, market stalls….all on the ” streets of London”. Will need to check out the flower mart next time. ❤️

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