Happy New Year! I have been back in California for nearly a month, and it’s been exactly what I needed. Spending time with family, road tripping with friends, and spending each day out in nature, collectively, has recharged my batteries. Before I share news of my future plans {hint, i will be moving abroad again {!!!!!} stay tuned}, I wanted to quickly share with you the notable normalcies from my life these past four weeks. 

Idaho, USA

At the beginning of January, I took a road trip to Twin Falls, Idaho with my best friend of over 20 years. Since I rarely get to see Ashley {long distance friendship problems}, we always make it a point to get in some solid bonding time on the rare occasion I am around. A road trip to visit her family in Idaho felt like a perfect opportunity for us to re-connect and create some unforgettable memories. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion {especially when driving 11+ hours through Nevada and onwards}. You can learn more about our adventures by checking out my vlog here.

California, USA

Moving {temporarily} back to California has allowed me to hit the refresh button and prioritize my time spent with friends and family. I hadn’t seen my younger brother for over a year, so getting to spend each and every day with him has been an absolute gift. I’ve successfully distracted all of my former co-workers one afternoon {sorry Alan}, and plan to do so again. I continued the tradition of weekly dinner and drinks with an old friend of mine. I cuddle the shit out of my animals at every opportune moment, and spend most of my nights watching Netflix with my parents.

With plans of reuniting with college friends and also hosting my closest friend from New York here for a west coast trip, it’s been difficult to focus on applying for a visa, learning a new language {okay, key phrases but still}, and packing {yet another} suitcase. I can only hope the next four weeks are as wonderful as these last four have been!


I had forgotten how incredible {and frankly necessary} it feels to blast music in a car driving up and down Highway 101. Talk about a stress reliever! Some of the tracks I have been obsessing over include: Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld feat. BloodPop, LOVE by Kendrick Lamar {ALL THE YAS}, These Days by Rudimental, and Little Bit by Timeflies. Literally those just remain on repeat on my Spotify {no shame}. There is also something to be said for driving a truck on the backroads of California listening to country music. That was the way I grew up, and each time I return home, I get back to those ‘roots’. My country favorites at the moment are Yours by Russell Dickerson {favorite, favorite, favorite, voice of an angel, favorite, favorite}, The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back by Thomas Rhett {ugh, another close favorite}, Hurricane by Luke Combs, and Doin’ Fine by Lauren Alaina.

And there we have it. A quick little update on my life as of recent. There will be a lot to share with you shortly, still just waiting on a few details before I am able to do so. And, a short video during my time in London will be posted over the next couple of days, so watch this space.

This weekend I am hosting my closest friend from New York! I cannot wait to share the west coast with Dina including wine tasting, a trip out to the coast, and an afternoon exploring San Francisco.


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