In an attempt to explore some of central Switzerland, my first matter of business was to choose a home base. After a bit of research, and a few heart attacks later viewing prices for Swiss accommodation, my mind {and wallet} settled on Interlaken.

This expat friendly village is located between two lakes {hence it’s name}, and was a perfect location to accomplish my goal. Unfortunately, as a budget traveler, many of the activities in Interlaken were off limits. If you have the cash, Interlaken has plenty of adventure-friendly activities for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. Here are six things to do in Interlaken:


One of the most popular activities in Interlaken is paragliding. I almost thought about strapping in, but it would have meant one less night in a Copenhagen or Prague. Hashtag regrets. You are guaranteed spectacular views and an unforgettable experience. Check out Running White Horses’ blog post to get a full review of her first experience paragliding in Interlaken. And those pictures, shiiiit.


One of my all-time favorite activities in any location, is kayaking! I have kayaked in Croatia, New Zealand, and Indonesia to name a few. Since Interlaken is surrounded by lakes, it is only fitting that one partakes in the sport of kayaking. You can take a kayaking tour for approximately 100 CHF or hire a kayak for 3 hours for approximately 40 CHF {of course this all depends on which company you hire from}.

Harder Klum

If you want some of the most remarkable views on Interlaken, make your way up to Harder Klum. Hiking up to this outlook is challenging, but apparently doable. However, for a once in a lifetime experience, you should opt for the funicular {at least one way}. A funicular is an inclined railway, with tram-like vehicles, that are pulled up steep hills via cables. Personally, I was terrified and expected to plummet to my death at a moments notice. That being said, I survived. And you most likely will too. At the top of the hill, you will stand out on a platform overlooking all of Interlaken. I can recommend dining at the {obviously overly priced} restaurant, simply for the experience of eating at such a high altitude above the clouds.


Another activity outside my budget, canyoning is a popular activity in Switzerland during the warmer months. Rappelling, jumping, swimming, and sliding can all be expected while canyoning. For a full review, with pricing and videos, check out The Roaming Renegades blog post about canyoning Chli Schliere in Interlaken.

Taste Traditional Swiss Chocolate

For the less adventurous, this is your sweet spot. Literally. Adrenaline rush, sugar rush. Same, same.


Drinking in Switzerland is, like everything else, expensive. That being said, Interlaken is full of young solo travelers down for a good time. I stayed at Balmer’s Hostel which actually has it’s own bar located within the hostel. Plus, who doesn’t want to drink a beer in a traditional Swiss chalet? Talk about cozy.


And finally, a free activity! Switzerland is one of the best locations for hiking trails. Let’s be real, you could take a stroll to the public toilets and be blown away by your surroundings. For a full list of available hikes, difficulty level, and milage, check out this website. It even provides step-by-step directions for each hike {not originally in English, but offers a translation}. And for those experienced hikers who truly want an unforgettable experience, I would suggest Hardergart. The hike begins near Harder Klum and is a total of 27 miles. Some claim that this hike is the best in the world. But don’t take my word for it, read {and see outrageously gorgeous images} here.

Keep in mind, most of these activities are to be enjoyed during the warmer months. That being said, the list of things to do in Interlaken expands come winter.

Have you visited Interlaken? What activities did you partake in? I’d love to find out.

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