It is officially my last week here in New York City, and I am collecting all of the feels. December has undoubtedly been my favorite month in the big apple, in terms of the atmosphere of the city {saving the best for last I suppose}. Holiday season kicked in at the beginning of the month and I have embraced every second of it. Let’s recap the notable moments of the last few weeks.


I recently returned to my favorite city in the world. I made unforgettable memories, and experienced unexpected revelations along the way. I must admit, New York City takes the cake when it comes to the holiday season. However, walking down cobblestone streets lined with overly decorated pubs in London was something else.  I know I made the right decision to return to my beloved second home for my last international trip of the year. You can read about my arrival here, with walking tours and story time posts on the way.


Speaking of returning to perfect destinations, in exactly one week, I will return home to California. The excitements levels are off the charts. I cannot wait to meet my parents at SFO and spend the holiday’s with loved ones. I will be in California for the next couple of months and plan to reunite with old friends and truly take advantage of wine country and the bay area. California has been pretty absent on the blog and I realize that needs to change, as it is probably the most incredible places in the universe. And it’s home.

New York

And finally, I say goodbye to this new-found {third} home of mine this week. I have so much to say about New York City and I am not prepared for my final week here. I have been enjoying the holiday season here in the city by attending Christmas markets, strolling through a snow covered Central Park, and peeking into the windows on 5th avenue. It’s a magical time to be in New York and it makes my heart tender to think about packing my suitcases this weekend as I prepare for the next chapter of my life. This year proved to me that life is just that, life. It’s something we must not take too seriously. None of us get out alive. New York provided me with the best education I didn’t ask for, and cost me just as much as a year at University {I will not miss these big city prices, just saying}.


After a recommendation by my dear friend Tracy, I sped through the book ‘Wonder’ by Raquel Jaramillo. The story is about a boy who was born with a facial deformity about to attend public school for the first time {5th Grade}. It hits on the struggles of growing up a bit different and narrates from multiple points of view. It really makes you empathize and rethink the way you treat human beings. I cried, laughed, and pondered the entire time. I can’t recommend enough for an easy read that really tugs on the heartstrings {and is now a major motion picture}.


As you can imagine, emotions have been all over the place over the last few weeks. Let’s get into the recent tunes and the {unnecessary} explanation behind their meaning to me. December has been a month of reflection thus far. Aside from all the Christmas music I have been listening to constantly, here are the tunes giving me all the feels. As I’ve mentioned previously, James Arthur has been the light of my life these last two years. And now, Naked by James Arthur is my favorite song of the year. Yes, I said it. And no, listening to it 592,849 times this month has not made me hate it. I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift can describe the joys and downfalls of my dating life this year in a humorous, relatable way {‘this is how the world works’}. She nailed it and I mean, it’s T-Swift. You can make any of her songs relatable in some way or another. Candy Paint by Post Malone is my go-to song on the subway these mornings to wake me up and prepare me for the day. It’s the only thing that gets me out of my warm, cozy bed these frigid mornings. My love for my fellow bay area native, G-Eazy is unconditional. Him & I has been on repeat for days now. And I mean the music video: GOALS. Another winner by G-Eazy {feat. Charlie Puth} is Sober. JUST LISTEN. Wait by Maroon 5 has been another song that I consider in my Top 10 for the year. The entire new album by Maroon 5 is actually pretty incredible and I recommend a listen. And finally, my country pick of the month is This One’s For You by Luke Combs, because who doesn’t love to share their appreciation for the people they love. I think we all wish we could dedicate an entire song to friends and family that showcases all the reason’s we love them. This would be mine.

And that’s that. This week I will be wrapping up life here in New York City. I cannot express my appreciation for everyone that has helped me along the way this year.

It was a big one.

I don’t think I will be able to fully understand what this city has done for me until I am able to reflect back on my life in a couple of years. Either way it has prepared me for what is to come, regardless of where that lands me. A thank you post will be coming soon. Because that’s all I can really say at this point.

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