MY WISH WAS GRANTED! We received the first snow of the season here in New York City, and of course I took full advantage.

I know I’ve mentioned in the past, Autumn is my all-time favorite season {and to be fair, it still is}. However, I forgot how magical this city becomes with snow settled on tree branches, and a crispness in the air. I have changed my stance, and declare Winter as my favorite season here in the big apple {and only in New York City}. And I’ve never loved Winter anywhere.

Blame it on nostalgia, but last weekend was one of the best I have had this year. I woke up Saturday morning to snow flakes falling against my window. Immediately, I brewed a hot cup of peppermint tea and gazed out on the fire escape. I quietly thought back to my arrival here in New York.

The morning I arrived on the Upper East Side, the temperature on my phone declared it to be 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Safe to say, I was extremely unprepared. I hopped out of my car, dragging both suitcases behind me, with no offer to help from my driver {welcome to New York…}, and took my first step on the soft white powder. Although this moment remains locked in my mind,  it was probably due to the fact that I was attempting to stable myself, alongside 100 pounds worth of clothing and beauty products, and not so much about the romance of arriving in New York.

I somehow got my entire life upstairs to my temporary home, and decided to take advantage of the snow covered city that awaited me.

Stepping into Central Park the other weekend felt so familiar, and yet so disconnected, from that first time I made my way to the same location almost one year ago. I was more confident, more relaxed, and had added more layers this time around. ‘Bambi’ is the only was to describe my first experience in Central Park. I was a young, naive, west coast deer, learning to use their legs. It didn’t phase me at the time, but looking back now, it’s easy to see how much I’ve transformed after a year in this wonderful city.

Some of my most cherished moments this year have been whilst in the snow. I may not have dreamt of a white Christmas growing up, but experiencing the holidays in a place like New York has me singing the tune on the reg. Because there is truly nothing like it.

This city is magical in December.

That is simply the only way to describe it. There is a reason why almost every Christmas movie is set in the big apple. Children sledding in the parks, couples cozying up with hot cocoa, and people from all over the world ice skating under twinkling lights. The Christmas markets come to life, providing you with an actual winter wonderland. Hot toddy’s, hot chocolate, and hot heads shopping along 5th avenue. Embracing this city during the holidays is unavoidable. But honestly, you won’t want to avoid it.

As I prepare to head back to California for the holidays. I feel a bit discouraged. Don’t get me wrong {especially you, Mom}, I want to be home more than anything during this time of the year. But… I now know what it is like to have an {almost} white Christmas. AND I GET IT. I finally understand the whole dreaming thing, because, well, that’s just what I am going to be doing.

For now, I will take what I can get. December brought me as close to a white Christmas as this girl is going to get.

And for that, I’m grateful.



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