Hello, my people! It is undeniable, at this point, that my life here in New York has completely transformed from when I first arrived that snowy morning in January. I have lived in this wild city for nearly ten months, and my level of happiness has skyrocketed over the last few. We all know it takes six months to fully transition into a new place, and even longer to consider it home. There are always exceptions to this, an example for me was London, which became home within the first few weeks of exploring British soil.

But I can wholeheartedly say that I am finally settling into New York City. I plan to report on these latest findings over a full blog post shortly. For now, let’s discuss the notable normalcies in life.


GUYS. Guys, guys, guys. My third international trip of the year is on the horizon. And… I’M GOING BACK TO LONDON.

Can we all just take a moment and come to terms with the level of excitement I am feeling about this? Sure it may only be for a measly four day visit, but even four hours in my favorite city will have me on the verge of tears. I get to spend time with all of my favorite humans, and re-visit some old haunts from when I lived in the United Kingdom last year. And the best part, it all happens next month. NEXT MONTH.

New York

As stated before, New York has captured my heart. In a ‘you were supposed to be a rebound and I ended up falling in love with you’ kind of way. I finally feel settled in this city and have created a very full life for myself here. Sometimes running myself into the ground to the point of exhaustion {hence the lack of presence here in this space}. I have been working hard and playing harder with co-workers, having date nights at Yankees Stadium, sharing too much wine with old friends, hosting family from California, and sun bathing in the Hamptons. I’m not sure how I became so lucky to surround myself with the individuals that I have in my corner, but I am truly grateful for the lot of them.


I am huge fan of make-up. I watch beauty videos on YouTube daily, and am constantly dabbling in new products. When it comes to my own make-up routine, I tend to get compliments on different aspects of it {not to toot my own horn, it can be extremely flattering for someone who literally didn’t know what eyebrows were until 2014}. The real surprise comes when I tell said people, that almost every product I use is from the drugstore. I have moments where I splurge at Sephora, but ultimately I am looking for affordability. And I must say, I have found a new staple foundation. And it costs $5.99. Yes, less than six dollars for a foundation. Wet N’ Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation is literally the hardest thing to get your hands on these days because of the quality of the product and the low price point. I have combination skin and always set my face, but this foundation has blown some of my other out of the water {drugstore and high end alike}.


I have had a few friends and family members on the east coast as of recently, which means a copious amount of dining out and putting on my host pants. One of my go-to spots in New York is The Smith. Some people will tell you it’s overrated, or ‘so typical’ that I would like a place as trendy, but overdone as The Smith. It technically is a chain of restaurants, however with only five locations, it is one of my most beloved places to eat. The midtown location is literally around the corner from my office and I have shared meals with co-workers, friends {for Easter dinner}, and even brought my parents when they were in the big apple earlier this year. So, when my former co-worker and friend, Jon, called me and mentioned he would be in NYC for work the following day, I immediately knew where to take him. As always, the food, atmosphere, and company was unmatched.


My tune game has been strong recently. I am constantly finding myself with the goofiest smile slapped across my face as I bop down the streets of Manhattan with my headphones settled comfortably in my ears. The most recent track I’ve discovered, Like a Riddle by Felix Jaehn feat. Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger┬ámakes it impossible for me to remain cool, calm, and collected when it appears on my Spotify. I already have an issue with dancing in public {its uncontrollable at this point in my life}, but add trumpets into a song and it’s game over for me. I won’t be able to sit still in any environment. Similarly, Help Me Out by Maroon 5 & Julia Michaels has me feeling some type of way on the daily. Give it a listen. Plus, Adam Levine. I mean. Next, we have Tenderness on the Block by Shawn Colvin which came out the year I was born, and yet was one of my favorite songs growing up thanks to my father. Obviously this song holds a special place in my heart, but listening to it years later I can confidently say my eleven year old self was on the right path, even if she couldn’t figure out her haircuts. A most recent throwback that I cannot stop listening to is You and I by Lady Gaga. The music video has always made me cringe, but I’m obsessed with it. And the song is my favorite of the singer/songwriter. And finally, my country pick is absolutely Small Town Boy by Dustin Lynch. It’s just amazing. And such a feel good.

And there we have it. This weekend includes catching up on necessary sleep, PSL’s and walks through Central Park, 1984 on Broadway, and hopefully some more blogging.

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