It’s been a minute. And honestly, the amount of notable things in my life as of late is quite overwhelming. But I’m into it. Let’s get straight into it, shall we? 


The most notable thing in my life as of recent, is my adventure to Belize {and Guatemala}. I am so anxious to steal a moment or two to sit and write about the unforgetable experiences I had on this trip. It was life-changing. From camping in the jungle, climbing Mayan ruins, playing with Iguanas, swimming with sharks, and snorkeling the second largest barrier reef in the world. I mean. C’mon.


It is officially fall in New York City! How do we know this? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES, my friend. I ordered my first one of the season this past Wednesday, with the goofiest smile on my face, and I felt instant comfort. Fall is my absolute favorite season. Cozy sweaters, candles lit every night, tea {is more acceptable to drink, though we all know it’s never stopped me}, I could go on, and on, and on. And as basic as PSL’s are, they are the perfect reminder that life is constantly changing. Another season complete, a new one on the horizon. The air is a little crisper, and the humidity only slightly lingering. Less leg exposed, more ankle boots making an appearance on the subway. THIS is the season I have been anticipating most in New York. Let’s hope she doesn’t disappoint.

Atlanta, Georgia

So, I accidentally went to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. En route to New York from Belize, I found myself stranded in ATL on the brink of Hurricane Irma. I was slightly terrified, and called the only person I knew in Atlanta, which happened to be my oldest childhood friend. Camille just recently moved to Atlanta for grad school, and amazingly picked me up from the airport within 20 minutes of me calling her. We ended up having a perfect evening drinking alcoholic slushies {when Georgia has declared a state of emergency what else do you do?}, nommed on pizza, and laughed until our big cheeks hurt. After nearly a year apart, I couldn’t have asked to be stranded with anyone better. I LOVE YOU GIRL.


Like I stated in one of my most recent posts, I am generally happy at the moment. For many reasons. But as emotions are what drive my music taste of the month, week, or day, my happy kick has been reflected in my playlist this week. My boy recently came out with an entire surprise album. Lines by SoMo absolutely captured my heart the first time I laid ears on it {lolz}. Be Somebody by CVBZ is my pep-in-my-step jam for the morning commute. Friends by J Biebs, because it’s the Biebs and he can do no wrong.  All Good by Capital Kings. The general consensus of my life these days. Just take a listen, you will smile. I dare you not to. And finally, to be sentimental because how can we not. Man Enough Now by Chris Bandi hits a bit too close to home, but is an absolute repeat song on the playlist.


I recently returned to California on an impromptu visit. I only told my immediate family and best friend that I would be there for the weekend. After all, a weekend is barely enough time to battle jet lag and properly cuddle my cats. Regardless of the time constraints, it was a much needed couple of days at home. In 72 hours I was able to fit in an afternoon of belated birthday celebrations wine tasting and randomly seeing old friends from high school {shout out Windsor High, ha}. I attended a Giants baseball game {obviously}, and shared a beautiful dinner with uncles, aunts, and my nona. I laughed until I cried, reunited with my pets, and made memories with my best friend that can never be duplicated.


Regardless of the weather, temperature, or humidity, I always use a setting spray when I put on my face. Some people like to believe they are a scam, don’t work, and shouldn’t be purchased. I personally can see, and feel, a difference when I use a setting spray. I have always relied {for like three years} on Mario Badescu’s Rose Water spray which retails for a whopping $7.00 US. I use it with or without make up {just as a refresher}. It smells glorious and keeps my face hydrated throughout the day. Now that the cooler months are approaching, my skin has a tendency to dry out. I doubt a day will go by over the next few months that I do not reach for this stuff. It’s baaaamb. Get it.

Now that I am back in New York, I am catching up with gal pals, penciling in more visitors from California, preparing for fall, and fighting off a cold that will not give up. It feels good to be back. I even denied an opportunity to return to London in order to stay here in the big apple {a decision that surprised even myself}. I hope to spend more time on this space {as always}, so prepare yourselves.

With that, it’s time to sip my cuppa and sign off for the evening.

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