It’s somethings we used to ask our parents as we rode bicycles down the unevenly paved streets, darkness quickly approaching. It’s something we desperately wish for when we hear the unwelcoming alarm each morning before work. It can be used as a motivating factor when ending a tough work out. And it’s a lie we tell our significant others when they ask if we are ready for our scheduled dinner date, that we made reservations for three weeks ago, and cannot be late for, I repeat, cannot be late for. 

More often then not, I recently find myself hoping for five more minutes in every aspect of my life.

Whether it is the sun setting quietly over the skyline of Manhattan, or the countdown for the next subway, I am constantly aware of the minutes remaining in a single day. To be honest, it’s exhausting.

I feel as though life has suddenly developed from a steady trot, to a full blown gallop.

It’s no secret that New York requires a fast pace. But guys, it’s August in a matter of days. What happened to not only July, but June, May, and April?

I suppose that life though.

I look around and can’t help but smile. Despite the 5:00 AM wake up call on behalf of the homeless man across the street, screaming to be buzzed into the building.

I am finally understanding, and more importantly accepting, life in New York for what it is.

A beautiful mess, moving at an ungodly speed.

I have formed unexpected friendships with individuals that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I think about how often I’ve laughed since moving to this city {a sense of humor is required for survival}. I can guarantee I wouldn’t have made it without the people I have in my corner currently.

I think about the connections I now have with the city itself. There are aspects of this lifestyle that only other New Yorkers will understand. And that is a special bond I now share with 8.5 million others.

I think about how much New York has molded me into a new version of myself. It’s forced me to deal with things I’ve avoided for years. It’s taught me invaluable lessons. New York has provided me with the tough love I so desperately needed.

And I am so thankful.

It’s easy to complain about life in the big apple. I don’t share my true appreciation for this city enough.

It is inevitable that I will say good-bye to New York at some point.

And whenever that day arrives, I am positive I will be begging for five more minutes in the concrete jungle.


2 Replies to “FIVE MORE MINUTES”

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I came across your blog last week and I have loved reading through all your posts. Learning about the fast way of life in New York as well as your valuable and intriguing advice from all aspects of life has kept me coming back.
    I also have a blog ( and you are definitely an inspiration for me!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amy, that’s great to hear! I am so glad you have enjoyed reading my blog. I hope you continue to hang out in this space and follow along. I took a look at your blog and it looks like you have been to some of the same destinations as me 🙂 it was great to see your pictures and reminisce. You take so many photos which is definitely one of my favorite part of blogs. I will definitely return to read more about your travels. May I ask where you are from?

      p.s. YOUR COMMENT MADE MY DAY! You are too sweet x

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