Last weekend was spent in the Hamptons, as per usual. Though I brought a special guest along for the ride this time! My partner in crime joined me for a weekend of bobbing in the ocean, drinking California wine, and laughing so hard until we fell asleep. I never take for granted the weekends spent surrounded by the refreshing, salty air of the Hamptons. I’m sure you are all completely tired of hearing about it by now.

So, let’s get on with the Notable Normalcies: Hamptons Edition. 


I know I have mentioned Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in a previous blog post, but I stand by it. The scent contains pecan and caramel and will having you glowing like a pregnant woman. And the best part, it isn’t sticky! It’s a thick moisturizer, but sinks into the skin almost instantly. Now, please go purchase a tub so I don’t have to repeat myself a third time. Another summer beauty favorite of mine is RCMA No-Color Powder. My skin has transformed in the past 5 or so years, going from extra dry to oily and combination. This means, come summer {especially in humid New York} my skin has a minor break down. To keep myself from looking like a complete ball of grease, I dust the RCMA powder all over my face after applying foundation. But instead of paying a pretty penny for a high end setting powder, RCMA powder will only cost you $12 {plus shipping}. And you get quite a hefty amount. For all those oily girls out there, you’ll thank me later.


I recently watched all three seasons of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I must admit, at first I wasn’t all that impressed. However, once I grew to understand the characters, I truly fell in love with the show. The premise of the show {and I am not giving anything away by disclosing this} begins with two women in their 70’s, who could not be more opposite from one another, and whose husbands have fallen in love with one another and now are asking for divorces. It’s one of those rare shows that has me chuckling out loud. It’s well written, hysterical, and the cast is incredible.


Being gluten intolerant can have it’s downfalls {are we surprised?}. {Lack of} pasta, pizza, avocado toast, donuts, and beer to name a few. However, when I was in the Hamptons last weekend, I said fuck it and chowed down on a sesame seed bagel with a lox spread from Bagel Buoy Market. And guys, it was Heaven. I can officially say, New York bagels are in a league of their own. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one, I feel sorry for you.

Not technically a ‘bite’, but I have recently become a fan of iced coffee. Now, to the standard human being, this statement would sound {if anything} rather obvious. What isn’t there to love about iced coffee? But this is coming from a non-coffee drinker. I adimently stick to my tea, and for the most part, I am content. But recently in the Hamptons, I indulged in some iced coffee with almond milk {no sweetener/sugar} from Grindstone, and suddenly feared for my life. I loved it. And not only that, but have been craving it almost every day. I have been able to resist the cravings this week, but I plan on spoiling myself again over the weekend. Because, YOLO.


The next trip abroad is currently in the works, and it’s a big one. Think tropical. Think historic. Think magical. Because these are all adjectives to describe what has been brewing in the back of my mind over the past few months. I plan to work on the final stages of planning this weekend and will disclose all of my plans shortly.

Prior to this monster of an adventure, I have a smaller excursion planned to a destination that even I was surprised by.  Stay tuned!


This week I have been all over the place with my tunes. But I have to keep it real and share the madness that is my Spotify playlist as of recently. I started running at my gym, and am actually enjoy it thanks to my {childish/gangster/musical} tracks. ‘You’re Such A‘ by Hailee Steinfeld is actually the exact pace at which I run, in case you were curious. DAMN YOU’RE SUCH A {left, right, left, right}. Just saying. It’s damn near perfect. ‘Rich Love‘ by OneRepublic and Seeb is such a feel-good, summertime tune. And another song that insists on perfecting the use of ‘damn’. All about it. ‘Sorry I’m Not Sorry‘ by Demi Lovato. The song speaks for itself, give it a listen. YAS QUEEN. ‘Break‘ is actually written and performed by Annika Wells, a friend of my cousin. I found the song on my cousin’s Instagram and I am thoroughly impressed. The girl deserves some credit. So clearly, I have been feeling myself as of recently given my tune choices this week. But to get humble, ‘Castaway‘ by Brett Eldridge is probably my most played song on my Spotify at the moment. I burst into tears the first time I heard it. And still sense a rush of emotions each time I listen to Brett’s gentle voice share his vulnerability.

And there you have it. A recap of the notable things happening in this silly life of mine. Next week we will carry on with Italy blogs! Some of my most treasured memories over the course of my trip to Europe.

This weekends itinerary includes riding bicycles on Governors Island, an actual night out on the town in Manhattan, and a Brooklyn mosaic house. Oh how I’ve missed you New York City.

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