After wine tasting under the Tuscan sun {ha, ha}, we stumbled {for those of us who indulged in the multiple wine tastings} through the quaint town of San Gimignano. 

I think these tour guides have it down to a science, and may or may not be in collaboration with the gelato shops in San Gimignano. We were promised ‘the best gelato in the world’ by our Italian tour guide. I could barely understand a word she said the whole tour, but I could understand that.

And why should I doubt her? It is Italy after all.

Let me disclose the fact that I am not an avid ice cream eater. That is territory for my mother and brother. However, once I did get a taste of the best gelato in the world, by my standards, I had a scoop nearly every afternoon.

We got in line. A very, very long line.

While we waited, we noticed another gelato shop across the way claiming to serve ‘the best gelato in the world’. Wait a second…

We were then instructed by our tour guide to stay in our line as our shop actually had the rights to claim it as the best gelato, winning the ‘Gelato World Championship’ from 2006 – 2009.

I ordered a scoop of banana and a scoop of peanut butter: one of my favorite combinations.

And it was… alright.

Was it the best gelato I have ever experienced? No. 

Would I purchase it again? Absolutely.

Was my judgment to be trusted? Not entirely {blame the wine}.

So, where can you find the best gelato in the world? {according to me}


Seriously. The best gelato I tasted whilst traveling through Europe this year was found on the shores of Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik.

You do not have to take my word for it, by any means. I know how wrong it is to insult the Italians. After all, they were the World Champions of gelato in San Gimignano. But, I can say with 100% confidence that you will not be disappointed if you order Snickers gelato during a visit to any of the Croatian cities along the coast. It’s just that good.

Over to you. Do you still believe Italy serves the best gelato in the world?


  1. This is impressive. I had to use WordPress to publish the portfolio from my Writing for the Humanities class last year. It took me more time to set up the WordPress account than to write the papers in the first place.

    I assume you submitted your YouTube vid to the Tubie Academy in the First Short Short Documentary (Under 30) category. Since I can barely play a YouTube I am a non voting member of the Academy, I cannot vote, bu,t if I could, I’d give your serious consideration to casting you my vote.

    This is almost as hip as hanging out with you in person.

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