Well hey there, it’s been a quick minute.

It’s been another extremely busy couple of weeks here in the big apple. Live music, happy hours with coworkers, botanic gardens, birthday celebrations, the Harlem Dance Company, and obviously BRUNCH. These are all things that have been consuming me over the last couple of weeks. New York ceases to amaze me with the constant {and I mean constant} opportunities that I find myself involved in. 

I’m doing my best to keep up, but each Sunday evening I find myself collapsed in a heap staring at my computer screen with little to no motivation to blog. This is the city that never sleeps, and I am feeling the result of sleep deprivation at my core. But as they say, YOLO. Actually, they don’t. But Drake sang about it once, so meh.

Here are some notable normalcies as of late:


Netflix has been on a roll as of recently. Not that it has ever failed me before, but it has been creating some gripping shows that make my binge watching habits working overtime. I finished the absolutely devastating, extremely disturbing ’13 Reasons Why’ within 48 hours. This show sheds light onto some of the horrific bullying that occurs in our society.  It also handles extremely ‘touchy’ subjects such as rape and depression, and truly makes you empathize with the characters and human beings in general.

On a lighter note, ‘Girl Boss’ was released on Netflix this last week and I am already halfway through the series. Based in San Francisco, I get little twinges of a feeling mirroring homesickness. I just can’t help but miss the perks of the Bay Area when they are showcased so positively in a show. I mean, we get to see Pac Bell Park back when it was actually still Pac Bell Park. The show itself is hilarious and genuine and tells a great story about, wouldn’t you know… a girl boss. Who run the world? Girls.

New York

FIIIIIIINALLY, the city is in full bloom! And I have been soaking up the sunshine every chance I get, as it does come and go. The ‘April Showers’ thing is actually real, folks. So it still continues to rain. But maaaaan, is it worth it when the temperatures raise into the 80’s. I have been entranced by the parks here in New York. Central Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are both on my list of notable normalcies in the last couple of weeks. I spent Easter sharing brunch with family and then kicking off my shoes and laying down in the green grass of Central Park.

The cherry blossoms have made their first appearance and I know they are here but for a fleeting moment in New York, so I have been glued to my camera in order to capture as many photos of these beauties as possible. I stopped by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens {free on Saturday mornings until 12:00 pm} and found myself lost in a world of pink and white magic. Now I get what everyone meant when they told me to hold out until spring here in the concrete jungle. This is truly the most spectacular season to reside in the city.


With the beautiful weather comes beautiful lip colors! I’ve been obsessed with all of my bright pinks and mauve shades since witnessing the tulips throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Along with the perfect lip, I’ve found an incredible sheet mask {I know, how basic of me}. But seriously guys, it may be life changing. The Purifying Black Charcoal Mask from SOO AE arrived in my Ipsy Glam Bag last month.

I have always shied away from any charcoal mask, face wash, etc. after having an unsuccessful experience with my LUSH Dark Angels charcoal face wash. However, this was such a hydrating mask and left my face feeling some type of way. Ready for the first shocker? Green Tea Extract was one of the main ingredients. So, duh. Of course I love it. And after experiencing the high quality of this mask, I would have assumed it was at least a $20 per sheet mask. But I found it online for, wait for the next actual shocker…. $2.50. Holy mind blown. You can bet I will be stocking up!


There have been some absolute bangers {favorite term ever btw, thanks Miley Cyrus} released in the last few weeks. First and foremost, Another You by Armin Van Buuren ft Mr. Probz. I cleaned my entire apartment this weekend with this song on repeat.  It has also found its way onto my Breakup Anthem Playlist, take a listen ladies and gents in mourning. If it doesn’t lift your spirits, you just aren’t doing it right. Some others to add to the list of inspirational, dance in the streets of Brooklyn {and yes, I actually dance in public without shame}, clean your apartment, windows rolled down, rise and shine tunes include Symphony by Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larson, Don’t Kill My Vibe {Gryffin Remix} by Sigrid, Now or Never by Halsey, and Oceans Away {Vicetone Remix} by A R I Z O N A. You will not be disappointed with any of them, I can promise you. And now for good measure, I must include my favorite genre, ‘Inappropriate Music Your Parents Would Never Approve Of But You Can’t Help But Get DOWN To On The Daily’. So mom, you can skip these ones. I mean, let’s be honest you can just judge by the titles. Sex With Me {Addal Remix} by Rihanna, F With U by Kid Ink ft. Ty Dolla $ign, and obviously I See You by Kap G ft Chris Brown. Breezy needs no explanation. We all know the obsession is real.


I basically consider myself a full-time corporate finance slave, part-time traveler, and as a side job, I brunch. I’m becoming quite the champagne connoisseur. Recently, I took the time to step into my own backyard of Brooklyn and visit Piquant. For two hours of bottomless mimosas {or sangria} and a huge entree {see below}, you are looking at $25. As well as all the Beyonce your ears can handle. I visited this incredible brunch spot on a beautiful sunny morning and opted to sit out on the patio. No regrets with my choice, this has become a top contender in my list of ‘Best of Brunch’ in New York thus far. Service is great, the menu is plentiful, and they will let you know the sangria is stronger than the pre-poured mimosas. They know you are there to get your bottomless on. Plus, you can’t beat the Brooklyn price point for the massive amount of food being served. If ever in the neighborhood, I can highly recommend!

And that’s it from my side of the world. Hoping everyone has a kick-ass week. You can except all things New York this week on the blog.

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