We were blessed with another sunny day today here in London. Although Winter seems pretty content with kicking her feet up and staying a while, I can tell Spring is quietly approaching. The streets were packed on my way to the Camden Market. The high street was a spectacle in itself. A combination of mainstream shops, vintage/flea market shops, souvenir only shops, and {weirdly enough} tattoo parlors lined each side of the road. Incredible, gigantic 3D artwork was displayed on almost every other building. 

Once I finally entered the Camden Market, I took a stroll through the vendors and looked at what was offered. Seeing as I have a trip to Bali planned in 6 weeks, I could have afforded a good shop. However, it didn’t take long before the smell of the food stalls lead me astray. 






I came across a plethora of food stalls and couldn’t resist but grant myself the pleasure of a second lunch. By this point I had already prepped before leaving the house by filing up on a good hearty meal to avoid over spending in a random cafe that would be irresistible on an empty stomach. 

For Arepa, I made an exception. 


Each food vendor offers samples of their delicacy as you stroll through the stalls. A Venezuelan man flagged me down and offered me a gluten free corn tortilla… thing, accompanied with delicious pulled pork and a white, sour cream sauce. I was sold immediately. Regardless, the man told me he would give it to me for 5 pounds, when the going rate for this particular arepa was 7. It pays to strike up conversations with the vendors, I thought to myself proudly. When he later asked me my plans for the night, I realized I may have been given a discount with alternative intentions. Either way I got to enjoy my arepa for 5 pounds! No complaints here. 






As if my {second} lunch was a steal, I stumbled upon Cookies and Scream shortly after. An award winning bakehouse where EVERYTHING is gluten free AND vegan. There aren’t many instances these days where I can walk into a bakery, cafe, or restaurant and not worry about my intolerance. I wanted to find something in this bakehouse that I had never sampled before. 


That’s when I saw it.

The donut.

The jelly filled donut. 



I have not had a donut in years. Not that I necessarily crave them at any given time. But we always want what we can’t have right? And this one was only 2 pounds. And it tasted like a donut. 

This was my heaven on earth today. I could have gone back in immediately and demanded they give me every single  donut baked that morning. My self control was tested and I managed to walk away from that amazing bakehouse. But I will be back. And maybe I will demand every single donut that day.

Once I had happily stuffed my face, I thought what better way to walk it off then through Regent’s Park? It was a gorgeous day and the sun was slowly on it’s way down. I was able to capture some really stunning shots of the gardens and greenery. England equals rain but rain equals green.

Another successful day.

Another night drinking tea before bed. 

Oh, London.






  1. You’re such a great writer! I am at work reading your posts and with every post I read, I get more and more jealous. So glad you’re blogging so I can follow you on this amazing journey! You’re amazing & I miss you!!

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