The other night I reconnected with another old friend. Another Kiwi you ask? Oh, but of course.

It had been a year since the last time we met, and we felt it was only necessary to gather a picnic, a bottle of wine, and head to Primrose Hill.

And we weren’t the only ones to conjure up such a magnificent plan. It was, after all, the hottest day of the year in London. So the park was scattered with Londoner’s, eager to not waste a moment in the warmth, unsure of how long their Summer would last.


As the sun started drifting, our wine bottle started disappearing. The conversation took us all around the world, catching up on adventures we’ve had in the past year.

DSC_0453 (1)

It’s amazing how much you can take away from an experience, no matter what the length of time. I can attest to this from my time spent in New Zealand. I studied abroad for nearly 6 months back in 2012, and it changed my life completely. Sometimes I forget just how much of an impact it has had on my life.

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Friendships formed then, have lead to weddings, multiple reunions, Sunday Funday’s and sunset picnics here in London. Falling in love during those six months in 2012 has taken me to Australia, Greece, Bali, and Sweden. And the confidence I gained back then, has allowed me to take on the world, literally.¬†It’s safe to say this entire trip to London, and beyond, is a result of my time spent in New Zealand over four years ago.

DSC_0463 (2)

It made me realize that the choices I make now, will have long lasting effects on my future, in the best way. Friendships formed, and connections made, will open more opportunities for me later on down the road.

DSC_0470 (1)

And it’s a reminder to myself to stay open minded and to say ‘yes’ more often than not. You never know what it will do for you.


I am so anxious to find out what the impact of these last six months spent in London will be.

I guess you can ask me in another four years or so.

I’m sure the answer will be spectacular.

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