The Beatles. Amy Winehouse. And me.

What a day.

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The Kiwi girls and I took an afternoon recently to devote ourselves to music. I mean, technically it included almost being run over and drinking wine on a patio, but we had music on the mind!

We visited the infamous Abbey Road, made famous by the legends themselves: The Beatles.

Abbey Road Studios was one of the first recording studios in the world, and is still fully functioning. We felt it necessary to pay homage to the road that assisted in the boy band that started it all.


I have always enjoyed listening to The Beatles, but my brother is the super fan of the family.


Remember almost getting run over? Yeah, that was here.

Everyone and their mother’s mother’s sister’s cousin want to take a picture crossing Abbey Road. However, the normal, every day commuters using Abbey Road are not as thrilled about the idea. The cars don’t stop. They just don’t.

Ain’t nobody got time for Abbey Road apparently. So use caution while crossing! And listen to the slamming of car horns. These are not sounds of annoyance, but a warning of what is coming next.


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It felt pretty incredible to be in the same place where these super stars loitered. Another experience you will only get in London.


Another “musical” experience of the day was visiting Amy Winehouse’s local pub. It was her watering hole and we felt it was necessary to pay homage to this as well. And the best excuse in the world for a pint.

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Had Amy Winehouse been alive and available to meet me {may she rest in peace}, I’m sure this would have been an accurate image of her enthusiasm about the ordeal ^

Let’s be honest, I’m not a huge Amy Winehouse fan. I sang along to her songs when they came on the radio, and I respect her craft. But a super fan? Not so much.


We did find a lovely seat outside at The Hawley Arms, and pictured Amy sitting across the patio smoking a cigarette. We could envision it. Again, she would have been unimpressed with the company in which she was sharing the patio. I will never be as cool as Amy Winehouse.

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So, I’m a shameless, posing, tourist. That’s what we’ve learned from today.

And it was a great day.

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