Back in London for a weekend and sick as a dog. I have been congested, feeling miserable and therefore hidden in my room since Thursday evening. But I cannot let a weekend in London slip away so easily, seeing as I only have a few of them left. So yesterday I slapped some make up on and decided to terrify myself on the London Eye. Way to go Rachel.

DSC_0761 (1)


Anyone who knows me, knows I get anxiety over basically everything. I plan on dedicating an entire blog post to my fear of flying. Heights are no exception. Neither is placing myself in a moving glass capsule over the entirety of London.

DSC_0733 (1)

But with views like this, how could I resist?

DSC_0713 (1)

For anyone who doesn’t know, the London Eye is the worlds second largest observation wheel in the world. Vegas outdid the London Eye when they created the High Roller, which I have also experienced. When comparing the two, the London Eye takes the cake.



The moment this picture was being taken, the whole capsule began to wobble and shake. Panic arose so me gripping the railing was no coincidence or engineered placement for a photo. My smile turned to a grimace and this was the best I could do to keep it together. Do it for the gram. Or blog in this case.

Of course we were fine and the movement was totally normal… but I might have sat down for a quick minute or two afterwards.


Unfortunately, the only thing I would change about this view is the color of the Thames…

It is just difficult to capture the beauty of city when the waters surrounding it are brown.

DSC_0720 (1)


This was also my second time on the Eye. The first being ten years ago. I still remember the same panic and fear of heights that I underwent this time around, back then. To complete an entire round takes nearly 45 minutes. So you get your money’s worth! A recommendation for all visitors of London in my opinion.

DSC_0722 (1)

Still loving this spectacular city just as much as I did when I first arrived, if not more. It just keeps getting better and better.

DSC_0750 (1)

DSC_0776 (2)

IMG_1148 (1)

^  happier with my feet securely on the ground!

Just ordered my outfit for the Ascot Races! I am getting so excited for it. I have decided to go with all white. Classy and chic. A stunning white dress with a white fascinator to match. Will be many a photograph to go along with that event. And many glasses of champagne!

Taking some cold medicine and calling it a night. Goodnight London.

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