I cannot go without these 10 things on any long haul flight. It’s as simple as that.


And other necessary documentation. This is an obvious one, but you don’t want to wake up the week, or day {like myself}, before your trip with the panic that you’ve misplaced your passport. Check to make sure you have it and that it is current. Also, if you are arriving on a visa, make sure you bring printed out supporting documents. For example: address at arrival destination, proof of funds, return ticket, etc. You do not want to be detained in customs for five hours… also from personal experience.

2. PEN

I never remember to bring a pen on international flights. And I always regret it. When filling out immigration forms, you don’t want to be ‘that girl’ that has to awkwardly ask someone next to you for a pen. Although, every international flight I have had to do so, and it’s not that bad. I would just like to be the person someone asks for a pen, and be the hero for once.


This is absolutely necessary for someone like me. I get cold so easily. And they craaaank the air conditioning on airplanes. A simple solution for this is an extra pair of warm socks! They allow you to kick off your heels {psh, yeah right never} and get cozy. And add another layer to one of the most important parts of your body in regards to keeping warm.


Because blasting music in regular headphones distracts and upsets those around you. And if you have anxiety about flying, like me, the less noise you can hear, the better. I bring my Sony headphones with me on every international flight to allow me to settle in quickly, turn on a comedy, and shut out the world around me.


For obvious reasons. After hours on a stale and uncomfortable plane ride, you are bound to feel somewhat disgusting. It makes a world of a difference to add some deodorant in the bathroom on a layover or on the plane halfway through a long haul flight. Plus, when you arrive you never know how long it will be until you can shower.


Another helpful way to stay refreshed on a long haul flight is to bring facial cleansing wipes and moisturizer. I never wear make up when I board a plane and rarely arrive wearing any. My skin is so sensitive and the recycled air on a plane does not do it any justice. Using a face wipe every few hours allows me to feel refreshed and gives my skin some much needed attention. I then follow up with my favorite moisturizer to keep my face from drying out completely.


Plane food has become significantly tastier over the years, but… it’s still plane food. These days so many people have allergies and food preferences that it’s hard to meet the demands {though airlines do a great job of it in my opinion, being gluten free and all}. My advice is to bring your own snacks. Buy some fruit and granola bars at your departing airport. That way you have options. And don’t forget to hydrate! Of course they supply you with water on the planes, but having your own water bottle can be handy for those times you can’t easily access help.


Again, this is great for me when I become an icicle on long haul flights. But a scarf is also a great alternative to purchasing a neck pillow. Killing two birds with one stone if you ask me.


This might be an odd one, but I always bring an extra pair of underwear on my carry on. Upon arrival so many different circumstances can arise. Lost luggage, late check-in time, etc. You always want to be prepared in case you are reaching hour 30 in the same pair of knickers {as they say in the UK}. Gotta stay fresh!


This is an important one. Yes, you probably have your phone with access to a phone number or address that you need to find when you arrive to your destination. But phones die, wifi is not always accessible, and plans change. It is always a good idea to print out {I know, old school} the details of your arrival.

Honorable mention: HAIR TIES!

I always think I have hair ties in my carry on until I realize I don’t. And if that doesn’t enstill panic in a female on a long haul international flight, I don’t know what would. Hair ties are not necessary as everyone has different hairstyles, but if you use them, double check that you brought them. And hide a couple so that when you lose that one unexpectedly {as you do}, you’ll have backups.

And there you have it folks! I never board a long haul international flight without these 10 {or 11} items in my carry on. Let me know what you bring on international flights, or if I am missing any essentials!


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