And it’s ‘New Music Friday’ on Spotify which always lends itself to wasting time, writing and discovering new tunes. Even in Paris. The fact that I can articulate the day of the week is impressive at this stage of traveling. I have lacked any type of routine or structure for weeks. The last time I spent this amount of time in a single city was, oh wouldn’t you know it, Paris.

So I’m back. Continue Reading


I made it to Italy! This is one of the destinations I have been dreaming about visiting for years. When I started planning my three month European journey, Italy was at the top of my list. I wanted my visit to be perfect. And although we know perfection is unattainable, just having my feet on the cobblestone in this country was perfect enough. I planned to arrive in September, check. When the peak season had died down a bit, check. And the weather would be ideal as it begins to cool down, check. Continue Reading