As mentioned in my previous blog post, I need these to get back to my authentic writing style that I loved ever so much in London. But alas, with London came rainy afternoons, warm cups of tea, and every excuse in the book to cozy up in bed and write to my hearts desire.

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Bree arrived in Europe! And the reunion was everything I could have asked for, plus some. I anxiously awaited Bree at the Vienna Airport, watching ‘New Girl’ to pass the time. When she finally walked through the huge sliding doors, I was overjoyed! We instantly started gabbing about life. As you do.

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Eric and I ended our short, week long trip in Greece, with an afternoon in Athens. So as you do in Athens, we went sightseeing! And walked, and walked, and walked.

I mean, you have to stay in shape somehow while abroad.

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Last October Eric and I took a secret trip to Greece.

I didn’t tell my friends, or my coworkers, and only a few family members were in on it. All for reasons of my own. However, it was one of the best holidays of my entire existence. And that was no secret.

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Well, the moment has arrived all too quickly that I must say adios to España. It’s taken me this week to fully grasp the idea that I am now in ‘full time traveler’ mode.

This has meant, less exploring, not as committed blog posts, and the need to throw out half my wardrobe. Again.

I thought I already did that in London?

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This is going to be one of those blog posts where the pictures tell all.

I recently visited the famous Sagrada Família and took a step inside the magical building. It truly makes you appreciate the work that went into {and is still going into} creating such a masterpiece. I found it fascinating and figured I should share my photos with the lot of you.

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