The day has arrived. My last day of living in this fantastic city!

We all know what that means: time to drink some wine, reminisce, and shed a tear or two. I have had a life changing six months. I originally ventured to London to run away. Yes, run away. Like a six year old packing her lunchbox after a tantrum, and threatening to never return.

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It’s officially Summer here in London!

I’ve worn shorts, dresses, and sandals all week long. The windows are left wide open when I fall asleep. I even participated in an outdoor movie night.

This is what I’ve been missing.

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So, what happens when you gather a few Kiwis, an Aussie lass, an Irish gal, a Brit, and an American hotdog, and let them loose in Brighton?

One of my best days since moving across the pond, that’s what.

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I’ve recently been taking a page out of Ariana Grande’s book. Rocking a half up pony and bringing sass to the table way more often than not. I basically listen to ‘Focus On Me’ on repeat most mornings to start my day. Such a great ‘I don’t give a shit’ anthem. One of those songs that will put me in a great mood no matter the occasion.

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London at night is a different world compared to London during the day. It is a world I rarely experience as the sun doesn’t set until 10 PM {seriously}, and my bedtime is about 9:45 PM {actually}.

But it’s a world that enchants me.

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As I innocently attempted to be a tourist this weekend, and check ‘Trafalgar Square’ off my 30 day list, I stumbled upon an Anti-Brexit march. I had no idea more than 10,000 people would be joining me on my excursion to this famous London landmark.

But I didn’t hate it.

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