I have always wanted to ride an elephant in Bali.

It’s always been on my bucket list. I think like most tourists, we enjoy the idea of this more than the reality once revealed to us.

I will go to great lengths with no shame to produce the most creative, impressive photo opportunity. However, I more importantly care for the well-being of any living creature. Human or not.

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Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.  – Bill Bullard

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After our short time in Kuta and Uluwatu, it was time to head to the cultural capital of Bali. We hired a driver for the day {about $50 USD} and he quickly became our tour guide. It is much cheaper to hire a driver for a day in Bali for 10 hours, then to pay a taxi driver to drop you from point A to B. With a hired driver you can see point A, B, C, D, E and learn a little something along the way. And it ends up being cheaper in the long run!

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After the bitter cold Scottish coast and the icy city of London, I figured it might be time for a warm, tropical escape. I was also overdue to see the love of my life. Five months overdue. Coming from two different countries around the globe {as per usual}, Eric and I needed yet another location to meet up. Since the middle point between London and Melbourne is now Syria, we realized very quickly one of us would need to sacrifice.

Once we chose Indonesia as our lovers getaway, the ‘sacrifice’ suddenly seemed like a privilege.

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My final installment of my trip to Scotland! Welcome.

We spent the remainder of our time in the Highlands in the Isle of Skye, searching for Nessie along Loch Ness, and eventually making our way to Inverness. By this time we were very comfortable with our fellow travel buddies making the journey that much more enjoyable. 

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For my second installment of my trip to Scotland, I decided to overload you with images of Edinburgh. Sarah and I spent our first and last nights in Scotland in this beautiful city. When we arrived, it felt as though we had stepped back in time. It was around 12:00 am and all the building were lit in such an intriguing manor that it made me already want to begin exploring. 

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“…and I’ll be in Scotland afore ye!”

Happy first of April to all the fools out there! 

I can add another country to my list in 2016! Always a great feeling. Scotland is such a beautiful country that I had to take a look for myself this past Easter weekend. This being the first of three installments about Scotland, I might as well jump right in and start at the beginning.

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