It’s very hard for me to complain about any destination in Europe. Each has something to offer, whether or not it is worth devoting an entire afternoon to. I understand how difficult it can be to narrow down all of the places you want to see on your European vacation. You want to make the most out of every day and only waste time at the beach. Continue Reading


There are certain destinations in Europe that everyone wants to visit. Paris, Rome, Barcelona. You probably know, because you probably want to visit them as well. As wonderful as many of these destinations are, there is no doubt they will be swimming with tourists, even during the off-peak seasons. There are a few locations in Europe that weren’t necessarily on the top of my travel list, but after visiting them I can recommend to everyone. In some of these locations, I had such a magnificent time that I would return to them before seeing Paris, Rome, or Barcelona for a second time. Continue Reading


Upon arrival to Dubrovnik, Bree and I formed instant friendships with two beautiful Scottish lasses. They immediately told us about their prior travels and plans for Dubrovnik. They had already spent a couple nights in the port town and had signed up for a day long cruise to three islands surrounding Dubrovnik. It didn’t take long to convince Bree and myself that we wanted to join in on the excursion. Continue Reading


^ Image Soure

Disclaimer: I have no idea who took the photo above, but it was not myself. Surprisingly, I don’t own my own private helicopter to capture the fabulous overhead shots of every island I visited in Croatia {spoiler alert: there were soooooo many}! But, regardless, I have no idea how to properly give credit to whoever took the photo, so I did my best to link the website to the ‘Image Source’. Continue Reading


As I sit here in Rome, and attempt to reminisce on the last two weeks in Croatia, I find it a bit daunting. I love writing in ‘real time’, rather than to look back on memories and piece together a summary about a specific destination. Therefore, my next train to Florence will be full of blogging about my ‘real time’ experience in Rome. Continue Reading


I’ve made the executive decision to continue my Croatia posts in order of location and make my way down the coast. We started in Zagreb and our journey ends in Dubrovnik. I may have ventured back and forth, up and down, wildly throughout the country, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Take out a world map, atlas, or an iPhone, and follow along.

Let’s keep it simple, shall we? Continue Reading


One of the first things that came to mind when I thought of Croatia were the beautiful images of waterfalls I have seen splashed across the internet. See what I did there?

After doing some research, I discovered these waterfalls came from the one and only Plitvice Lakes. Anyone who has visited the Plitvice Lakes will understand the struggle it would take to sit here and describe these stunning waterfalls to you. Pictures don’t even do it justice. But I tried. Continue Reading