Ever wondered whether it’s really worth the 12+ hour flight, fighting off crowds, and spending a fortune to visit some of the most popular destinations in Europe? While there are many destinations worth visiting in Europe that you may have overlooked, there are a few famous cities that deserve all the praise they receive, and therefore deserve a spot in your itinerary.

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Well, the moment has arrived all too quickly that I must say adios to España. It’s taken me this week to fully grasp the idea that I am now in ‘full time traveler’ mode.

This has meant, less exploring, not as committed blog posts, and the need to throw out half my wardrobe. Again.

I thought I already did that in London?

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This is going to be one of those blog posts where the pictures tell all.

I recently visited the famous Sagrada Família and took a step inside the magical building. It truly makes you appreciate the work that went into {and is still going into} creating such a masterpiece. I found it fascinating and figured I should share my photos with the lot of you.

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Since the beginning of my Europe 2016 trip planning, one of the main attractions luring me towards visiting Barcelona, was the incredible Antoni Gaudí architecture.

{and the beaches, but we’ve established that right?}

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Heaven is a place on Earth, and I found it in Barcelona!

Okay, let’s not get carried away here. I have only just arrived in Barcelona, but I am already extremely happy I chose to stay a total of five days. I’m going to be honest:

most of this time will be spent at the beach.

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My final day in Madrid proved to be spectacular in comparison to my arrival. Once I received news that my bag would arrive that afternoon, I took it upon myself to explore! I didn’t have anything weighing on my shoulders, and I felt I could finally enjoy this majestic city.

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