As I am sure we have all been told at some point in our lives, you find yourself when you travel on your own. It is something I can attest to and now tell others about.

Similarly, when you travel with someone, you tend to find out how compatible you are. Whether you are traveling with a friend, a boyfriend, or almost a complete stranger, there are so many tests you will be put through to find out how the two {or many of you} work together.

You gon’ learn today!

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So here it is, the long awaited for post about the bad and the ugly during my trip to Indonesia.

Since this is an entire post dedicated to the negative aspects of my trip, please feel free to ignore the words and instead enjoy the beautiful photos of Gili Air if you prefer. The least I can do in such a buzz kill of a post is include dreamy pictures to go along side them.

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After our short time in Kuta and Uluwatu, it was time to head to the cultural capital of Bali. We hired a driver for the day {about $50 USD} and he quickly became our tour guide. It is much cheaper to hire a driver for a day in Bali for 10 hours, then to pay a taxi driver to drop you from point A to B. With a hired driver you can see point A, B, C, D, E and learn a little something along the way. And it ends up being cheaper in the long run! Continue Reading


After the bitter cold Scottish coast and the icy city of London, I figured it might be time for a warm, tropical escape. I was also overdue to see the love of my life. Five months overdue. Coming from two different countries around the globe {as per usual}, Eric and I needed yet another location to meet up. Since the middle point between London and Melbourne is now Syria, we realized very quickly one of us would need to sacrifice.

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