Over a cozy phone call to my mother the other night, she mentioned how much she missed the blog. Which got me thinking about how much I, too, miss the blog. I could include a million disclaimers about my lack of presence on this space {gag me, we have heard it all before}, but instead I would rather just write.

Because, ultimately, that is what I miss most.

So, if you would be so inclined, let’s talk about pumpkin spice and everything Autumn {read: nice} shall we?

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It’s somethings we used to ask our parents as we rode bicycles down the unevenly paved streets, darkness quickly approaching. It’s something we desperately wish for when we hear the unwelcoming alarm each morning before work. It can be used as a motivating factor when ending a tough work out. And it’s a lie we tell our significant others when they ask if we are ready for our scheduled dinner date, that we made reservations for three weeks ago, and cannot be late for, I repeat, cannot be late for.  Continue Reading


Last weekend was spent in the Hamptons, as per usual. Though I brought a special guest along for the ride this time! My partner in crime joined me for a weekend of bobbing in the ocean, drinking California wine, and laughing so hard until we fell asleep. I never take for granted the weekends spent surrounded by the refreshing, salty air of the Hamptons. I’m sure you are all completely tired of hearing about it by now.

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As mentioned in a previous post, the month of July will be filled with preparing for the next year of my life. As dramatic as it sounds, I need to buckle down and focus. With that being said, I am also making a promise to myself over the next six months.  A personal one, not just connected to the blog, but to my own well-being, following suit with the rest of the year thus far. I have yet to fulfill all my commitments placed upon myself earlier in regards to the blog.

And it makes me so sad.

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