Last week I turned 27 in my 27th country! Follow me around as I attend the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, take a cable car up Mt. Aspan, and celebrate with friends from all over the country.

THANK YOU to everyone who put in the effort to make sure my birthday was unforgettable! And cheers to entering my late twenties feelings the most alive I’ve ever been.


Oh South Korea, you incredible country, you. If you don’t know already, I am a bit obsessed with my new home. I honestly have zero complaints when it comes to my seamless transition so far. That being said, I’ve had my moments, one of which you can read about here.

Personally, I have to laugh at myself and the situations I have come across, including the ones in this vlog. So, if watching me attempt to buy dish-washing liquid, getting a mini-tour of my neighborhood, and witnessing my ultimate “I’m lost” face tickles your fancy, I would highly suggest checking out my first vlog here in South Korea!