Ever wondered whether it’s really worth the 12+ hour flight, fighting off crowds, and spending a fortune to visit some of the most popular destinations in Europe? While there are many destinations worth visiting in Europe that you may have overlooked, there are a few famous cities that deserve all the praise they receive, and therefore deserve a spot in your itinerary.

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Eric and I ended our short, week long trip in Greece, with an afternoon in Athens. So as you do in Athens, we went sightseeing! And walked, and walked, and walked.

I mean, you have to stay in shape somehow while abroad.

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Last October Eric and I took a secret trip to Greece.

I didn’t tell my friends, or my coworkers, and only a few family members were in on it. All for reasons of my own. However, it was one of the best holidays of my entire existence. And that was no secret.

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